About Talaash - The Legacy

About the event

‘Talaash’ is Mumbai’s biggest management festival with a legacy of 17 glorious years. It is a blend of activities and events across spectrums, from the wit of our mind-worthy management events to the vibrancy of our cultural shows and to add to these is a range of games to keep you on your toes. Amidst this lies the true essence of ‘Talaash’, a treasure hunt set in an outlandish location with clues and traces leading to the ultimate quest.

Theme of the event

'I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list'. Following the fetching habitude, we the members of Team Talaash are back again to take you along on an exotic getaway this December. Carrying forward the promising legacy for good 17 years, we would want you all on an indelible expedition commencing from the 17th of December.

‘Travellers memoir’, as our theme speaks of for this year. The life of a traveller is what makes him stand apart from any other in this world. A traveller captures every moment of his voyage for others to glance at. All the bonds he made, all of the places he explored and all of his experiences, remains captured forever. These memories cannot be comprehended by mere reading; they are feelings which one discovers along his own journey. His memoir shows a glimpse of the beauty which lies outside the boundaries of our homes.

So hurry, grab your luggage, get on board and bunk in with us for an enthralling adventure. Let us witness the biggest quest, 'Talaash' together. The clock is ticking away so you better rush. Bon voyage mates!


Talaash has a glorious legacy of 17 years and with each passing year we have been setting the bars higher and achieving exceptional milestones. Talaash started off as a Treasure Hunt hence its name ‘TALAASH’. The previous year we hosted our Treasure Hunt at Della Adventures and the Contingent Leader meet at Sahara Star. We have been taking exceptional themes every year and one such theme was the last year’s theme ‘The Art Of Everything’. We have also contributed our bit towards the society by taking up various social causes like last year we hosted a luxury car rally at NSCI as a social initiative for spreading awareness about car safety. Now that we are here we wish to reach newer heights and keep providing an amazing experience to the students.

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